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We're glad your're here.  Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a great way to control your health care costs, spend more time with your doctor and have control over your private information.

We started this clinic to serve patients that want to know their health care costs and are interested in evidence based primary care medicine with an emphasis on diet and lifestyle treatment.

We see all types of patients from those with comprehensive insurance coverage plans to those with no insurance at all and every type of plan in between.  If you choose to use your insurance for tests or medications we order, you can do that.  Or if you prefer, we can give you our deeply negotiated cash based pricing.  We want you to have a choice.

Think of us like Costco or Amazon prime.  Your membership in our practice gives you access to labs, medications and imaging at cost without the outrageous mark- ups that are the standard of today's healthcare.  In addition, anything we can do in the office is included in your monthly membership fee such as office visits, phone visits, emails, office based procedures, EKGs and so on.  There are no additional fees to come to the office.  

We have two locations: Kenosha, WI and Bannockburn, IL.  Both Dr. Green and Michele Frese NP split their time between both locations.  We have assigned clinic days and out of office coverage.  Therefore, we ask that you always call the office if you have a need so our practice manager can get you to the correct person.  Dr. Green and Michele Frese NP split the responsibilities of the practice to best accommodate our patients.

If what is going on in healthcare today worries you (out of control and unpredictable costs, never being able to see your doctor or get an appointment when you need one,  sharing of your private health data) a DPC practice like ours is the way to go.

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