About Us

"The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease"
- Thomas Edison
Our Philosophy

Wouldn’t it be nice to know how much something costs before you buy it?  That is something that was always frustrating for us.  We couldn't tell our patients how much a visit costs, how much their labs cost or how much their medications cost.  What we could tell them is that they would get a bill, and whatever was on that bill is what they would have to pay.  That is a main reason that Direct Primary care (DPC) is so refreshing!  DPC provides up front price transparency so you can make healthcare choices that fit your budget, in real time.  Wouldn’t it also be nice to know that you could manage 75% of health care needs on a budget of less than $1,000 for the entire year?

The other draw to DPC practice is the patient connection.  Our practice has that small office feel where we know everyone and they know us.  We know a little bit about everyone's story and how it makes them who they are.  We love that we have the time to spend with patients to have conversations again.

Direct primary care puts the decision making power back in the hands of the patient and the physician through transparent pricing and more time invested.  Because we have the time to spend with each patient, we order less unnecessary testing. The average physician visit for primary care is seven minutes and often people have multiple issues.   If you've felt rushed through a visit or glossed over in a few minutes, we think you'll love DPC.  


Physicians know that our current healthcare system is broken, dangerous and expensive but until recently have lacked the ability to do something about it. We want our patients to understand how their health issues impact their current and future health, longevity and satisfaction. We want them to know how the medications they take work and understand why they are taking them. This has been shown in numerous studies to increase compliance, decrease medication errors and decrease unintentional death or disability from medication errors. We also want those medications to be affordable to them which is why we offer them for a fraction of the retail price, dispensed directly to you in our office. 

Direct Primary Care is really about patient and physician empowerment. It is high quality care at reasonable cost. It is better care via more time with patients and their families than the current traditional medical system allows. It allows patients to make educated informed choices. Patients are invested partners in managing their costs.  Physicians can provide high quality, timely care to patients through 24/7 access with technology available (cell phone, computer, email).  In the traditional system, patients are required to come to the office for every issue in order for the physician to be compensated for the care they provide. This creates a lot of unnecessary visits for issues that can be managed electronically and is the reason your doctor needs to see you for everything. This is a disadvantage to many patients- people with transportation issues, mobility issues or schedule issues. DPC offers flexibility, affordability, cost transparency and quality time with your medical provider.  Join us today and start new!

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Laura Torres, CMA
Executive Practice Manager

Ms. Torres brings over 22 years of experience and knowledge in the medical field to our practice.  She worked for a busy private practice for five years and has also worked at Wheaton Franciscan Health Care (now Ascension) for an additional 10 years, during which time she took on several different roles.  Ms. Torres holds a Bachelor’s degree in Health Administration and Management and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Health Care Management.  Prior to working in healthcare, Laura spent over 15 years serving our country in the United States Army Reserves.  As the go to liaison for patient care and office related issues, Ms. Torres is truly invaluable to our team.  She currently resides in Southern Wisconsin where she enjoys her very large and boisterous family

Janet NP.heic
Janet Kieslich, Nurse Practioner

Janet Kieslich joined out practice in December 2021 in order to assist with additional coverage for Michele's maternity leave.  She is exploring options for her career transition and we are thrilled to have her at MedLogic. We know she can and will do amazing things!  She lives in southeastern Wisconsin with her family and has been practicing in primary care for the past 20 years.  Her main practice interests include whole health, lifestyle management and preventative medicine.  She will be at our Kenosha location.  Please give Janet a warm welcome to our practice!

Jill Green, MD

Dr. Green grew up in Libertyville and attended to University of Illinois in Champaign Urbana.  After completing her degrees in Finance and Economics, she worked in investment banking, in the mergers and acquisitions group.  She decided to leave the finance field to pursue a career in medicine and earned her Doctor of Medicine at Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine.  She completed her residency training at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, IL, specializing in Family Practice.  Dr. Green has practiced in both Wisconsin and Illinois.  Her scope of practice includes adult and pediatric wellness, prenatal and pregnancy care, LGBTQ health and mental health.  She is a member of WPATH and is pursuing advanced certification with them. Dr. Green keeps her skills current by practicing at 2 different Emergency Departments in Illinois and a hospital in Wisconsin.  Her main areas of interest are integrative or complementary and alternative medicine and preventative medicine.  Dr. Green firmly believes in pursuing health solutions that seek to decrease pill burden, prevent disease and improve health through lifestyle over medication whenever possible.  Dr. Green lives in the northern suburbs with her husband and children.  She is thrilled to be practicing in the community and helping to make the community healthier.

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Michele Nielsen
Family Medicine Nurse Practioner

Michele grew up in Kenosha, Wisconsin and attended Marquette University, studying Nursing.  She spent several years working as a cardiac nurse before pursuing her license to become a Family Nurse Practitioner through Concordia University of Wisconsin.  She most recently practiced at a very busy private practice in Northern Illinois.  Her areas of interest are orthopedics, dermatology and disease prevention.  Michele Lives in Southern Wisconsin with her husband  and children along with their two dogs.  She is excited to be practicing in a setting that allows her to get to know her patients on a personal level in order to provide the best care.