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Comprehensive Primary Care, Without All the Red Tape

Benefits of MedLogic

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Dr. Jill Green

We offer more time with patients and lower patient loads (meaning less risk of medical errors) at a lower cost.

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Signing up with us is easy.  Fill out the new patient form from the link below and we will contact you shortly to schedule your first appointment. 

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Please call 847-881-6858.

About Us

Are you looking for great, accessible, affordable health care? Let us show you how we can save you money on your care, while improving your health.

We are a direct primary care practice with offices in Bannockburn , Illinois and Kenosha, WI.  We have both a physician and a nurse practitioner that offer convenient visits by phone, email or in the office to fit your schedule. We offer medications and labs at a significant cost savings.
We can save you up to 90% on labs, imaging and medications .

We would love to meet with you to answer your questions!